Old Scatness Tour

The Iron Age Broch and Iron Age Village at Old Scatness was an undisturbed, pristine time capsule when first discovered in 1975, as the result of a road being put through what was thought to be a natural mound.  The road was realigned to protect the site when it was identified as a broch by a local historian.  Some twenty years later, excavations were initiated by Shetland Amenity Trust as part of an “Access to Heritage” project. From its inception, the aim was to excavate the site to the highest possible standard, while breaking down the perceived academic barriers of archaeology.

Old Scatness Broch and Iron Age Village lay undiscovered beneath our feet for over a millennium. Come along for a guided tour and learn about the mystery, myth and legend of this world class heritage site. The site is open for tours every Friday until 25 October.

Accessibility: Please note that the tour involves walking on gravel paths and grass where the ground surface may be uneven. There are narrow steps (with a handrail) into one of the buildings (optional).  

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