Night by Da Fire

Step back in time as you enter a traditional 19th century thatched crofthouse to recreate Shetland’s past in a special ‘in aboot da night’. One of our custodians will light the fire and ‘hand doon da fiddle’ to a local musician who will play a range of traditional tunes along with a few stories and yarns along the way.

This is an atmospheric, intimate event with only 12 tickets available.
This event will take place once a month throughout the summer on the following dates:

- Tues 4 June
- Tues 9 July
- Tues 6 August
- Tues 10 September

Accessibility: Entry to the crofthouse site is down a narrow, steep sloped track with three steps at the start of the path. The doorways into the interior of the buildings are also narrow, the door-lintels are low and the floor uneven.

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